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Default List Of your favorite Custom Perks

Many threads discuss a few perks here and there for their specific character. I want to get a list going of Perks characters have used and GM's allowed in thier games. I mostly want this to be just a list of Perks people have used. I dont mind some debate. Anyways Here is my a few Perks I have used for Characters. Remember, perks have absolutely no combat benefits, even remotely close to them

1) Always gets his money
Money and change you have will never get stuck in any kind of machine. ATM, vending machine, or otherwise. This includes cards, as long as the money is there there are never any problem getting approved. This is more for comedy relief especially when other people get their money stuck in a vending machine. you walk right up and use it no problem

2) Finds random things
when you are looking for something and cant find it (roll fails) you still find some sort of random useless (in combat) item that may be beneficial in some other way. Whether you knew you had it or not. Reaching into your pocket for a pen but you pull out something else

3) Always has X
when someone needs something you always have it. If all of your money was supposed to be in a bank and are caught in a sticky situation you manage to always seem to have a $5 bill on you.

4) Always has a quick change of clothes
if for some reason your clothes get torn up you always have a mysterious set of clean clothes (or uniform) on you. Not only that but as long as nobody is looking you seem to magically change into them in a matter of seconds (maybe 1 or 2). If you are caught hostage and escape only wearing your underwear you can step into another room or when they find you, you somehow have a change of clothes.

anyways you get the idea. I will post more when i come across them or think of them. so what do you have?
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house rules, perks

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