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Default Legendary RPG

In another thread (D&D 4e GSL), I stated that it is possible, based on my non-lawyer-reading of the OGL, to reproduce the v3.5 rules set without violating the license. Granted, copy-paste of copyrighted material not included in the SRD would be a no-no. But barring that, this is possible, and legal -- and so the work being done on the Pathfinder RPG is not really needed.

I was told it could not be done legally.

So this is my experiment. I am putting together a fully functional RPG that is the v3.5 rules set, with the addition of a character generation system, experience reward system, and character advancement system. All of these are in keeping with the rules of the SRD (meaning, that the XP rewards system is in line with the XP costs for some spells and item creation feats, for example). They are non-obtrusive and completely seamless.

I am almost done with the formatting of the document for print -- the spells section is taking me a little longer than I had hoped, but progress is steady. Once it is completed, I will put it up on LULU. I will be getting nothing -- in other words, the PDF will be downloadable for free, and the printed document will be nothing more than LULU's printing fees.

This thread will keep you updated.
K. David Ladage
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