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Old 03-14-2008, 08:57 PM   #1
Steve Jackson
President and EIC
Join Date: Jul 2004
Default Progress blog on new Ogre projects

At the moment we have three separate Ogre projects underway, which is three more than we've had going at once for quite a while. Understandably, there's interest. To save you folks the trouble of asking "How is X going?" and save me the trouble of bleeding from my eyeballs and screaming, here's a locked, sticky thread in which I'll report progress on a completely irregular basis.

At the moment:

Ogre Miniatures Lite is waiting for some production time in which the layout will be completely changed in hopes of fitting in some more Stuff. Phil will probably do this himself.

Ogre Miniatures (First Edition Revised) got a bit more attention today. I identified two trouble spots, dealt with one, and need to do some research on the other before I decide whether there's an issue worth posting on the forum.

Ogre 6th Edition is still in the component planning stages. Price, box size, map size, and counter size are all tied together, and none has any strict constraints. Some of you will happily pay $80 if the game is big and beautiful enough; some of you can't go over $40 or so, no matter how nice it is. The box will have to be big but can't be TOO big, or retailers won't be able to shelve it, and in the end, neither will you. The map has to be big enough to support big counters, and it would be wonderful if it would hold actual miniatures. The counters should be at least 3/4" and could reasonably be any size up to an inch. So numbers are being juggled, and when I have reduced the situation to two or three reasonable alternatives, we'll let the printer bid on them. At which point, if none of the alternatives yields a reasonable price, we start over . . .

However, I have already noted a tiny rules issue which has its own forum thread now.
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