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Old 02-27-2005, 06:37 PM   #1
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Default Grigori on e-23

This might be something thats already intended, but I'd just like to make a suggestion for something that I believe most of my fellow In Nomine fans would be interested in buying off e-23. A supplement covering the Grigori Choir giving them, the Skulkers, & the Nephilim fully playable rules under IN (not GURPS) mechanics. This wouldn't only give Choir/Band rules, but also the Choir Attunements that the Outcast Grigori still bear from their original Superiors. Also there are the 2 page write-ups for the Grigori Archangels that might still exist, like the Archangel of Song (confirmed by GURPS In Nomine to be a Grigori) and the Archangel of Death (who might be a Grigori, as it would explain his apparent apsantee status).

[I personally use the names Shemyaza & Azrael for those Archangels respectively, but thats neither here nor there]

Any chace we might see such information published via e23?
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Archangel Beth
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Default Re: Grigori on e-23

I'd say that -- barring the current IN files not even breaking even on e23 -- the chances are very good that the material that was originally intended for the second set of "Cycle" books would find its way into e23 files.

I have a lot of rough outlines for e23 books. A lot. You probably have no idea how many. If it's at all a plausible sort of project, I probably have an outline for it.
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