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Dark Mistress
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Default Working on starting a In Nomine game, seeking advice

Ok the title says it all. In my TT game i will be starting a new In Nomine game, most of us have only played it a few times. I have ran a few one short story arcs(1-4 games sessions) but nothing long term. Same with half my players the other half have never played it.

At the moment i will be running a demon based game primarily set in Las Vegas. (good chance another person will be running a Angel based game set in the same location or nearby, where we will occasionally switch games)

For the most part the problem I am having is coming up with idea's of tethers in or around Las Vegas. So any opinions or advice would be appreciated. Right now i am looking to create a list of potential tethers and locations and then decided which ones fit after consulting the guy that might run a angels side of it.

Right here is a list of those I have in mind.(note anything within a reasonable distance of Vegas is ok, say a 4 hour drive roughly as a rule of thumb unless it is a really kick ass idea a bit further then hit me up anyways with it.)

Hoover Dam - Tether to Archangel David(or Maybe Jean or a combo Tether)
Convention Center - Friend recommended it for Marc Archangel of trade.
Death Valley - Maybe Saminga(or at least a location in the valley maybe)
Palomino's Strip Club - Demon Prince Andrealphus of course

If I think of more I will edit this, thanks in advance to anyone that offers suggestions.
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