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David Johnston2
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Default Re: Alternate Crosstime Organizations

I may have mentioned this before but I think the "Time Tunnel" guys would work better if they weren't from Homeline but just from another world that was beginning to discover parachronics. The mislaid explorers would spend their time trying to figure out how to get home and would bump heads with Centrum and Infinity in pursuit of htat.
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Default Re: Alternate Crosstime Organizations

MJU3ps ("Em-Ju")

An electro-psionic hive mind bent on taking over as many worlds as possible, its unknown where the Numeric combination came from. By the time its seen, the Em-Ju colony is usually well advanced.

Em-Ju travels between worlds by way of portals it opens. It can only open new portals for about a month or so, and if it sends more than a given amount of mass before stabilizing the other end of it, the portal will burn out. This mass limit is usually around 500 pounds, but it seems to vary quite a bit. building the other end of the gate requires a large amount of resources, so Em-Ju usually tries to take over an industrial city in order to meet its deadline.

Em-Ju has high-tech alloys it can use to imprint psionic abilities on. It also has several brain cultures that can be grown to perform various psychic functions. Each of these are required to activate the other.

Classical Em-Ju capabilities include:
  • force feilds
  • stun rays
  • holograms
  • thought-bombs
  • fast growth chambers
  • Levitation and slow TK
  • Telepathic communication
  • Zombification (via a quickly implanted psionic chip)
  • Subliminal messaging beacons
  • Telepathic interrogation
The most common parts of Em-Ju encountered include:
  • Floaters: levitating scrap-metal shells with a brain inside and a sidearm
  • Chip Zombies: humans mind controlled by a metal chip placed against the skin. moderately unobservant and mostly used for labor.
  • Infiltrators: A cyborg with a holographic appearance, emotional telepathy, and mind control
  • Death Sphere: An floating iron braincase with telekinetic shielding, wide area mind manipulation (terror is most common), and a high rate of fire. Must be built with specialized equipment, not salvaged.
Once a world-gate is opened, a flood of equipment that makes Death Sphere look like green conscripts pours through. If the gate is not destroyed, the world will also certainly be converted into an Em-Ju world, covered in machines growing brains in vats and mining the crust for ever more Bismuth and Zinc.

Em-Ju only seems to attack high tech societies with ready access to exotic alloys. Whether this is a limitation of their travel tech or a targeting policy is unknown.

Monitoring a world for Em-Ju incursions is reasonably easy: they have a time cruch to build their gate, and they require large amounts of Zinc and Bismuth for their alloys*. Fighting them can be tricky though, with all the mind control and their experience in building power bases from scratch.

Em-Ju is intelligent, and pieces of it have various degrees of thought. All are anxious to join MJU3ps. They can negotiate, but self preservation is secondary to spreading Em-Ju to the world they are on.

This foe is aimed at ISWAT type groups, of course.
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Default Re: Alternate Crosstime Organizations

The HyperGate Continuum

Agent Cullen stared in shock at the TV. Grey-2 had been a straightforward echo; monitor local traffic and keep White Star operations profitable and secret. Mostly, he'd had to deal with conspiracy theorists hunting for Men in Black, and Men in Black doing what they did. Thankfully their tech wasn't up to Infinity methods, and since this timeline was obsessed with UFOs, the company had been able to divert most investigations into other avenues, and make a tidy profit on SF movies that hadn't been made in Homeline's 1970s. But this... this was a real UFO, hovering over Manhattan. A huge white disc with strange protrusions and what looked at first glance to be the UN logo.

The excited prattle of the newscaster changed. "This just in, we're receiving a TV broadcast from the UFO..." The picture of the spacecraft over the UN building changed to a man, in a strange uniform. He looked a hell of a lot like Burt Reynolds. He spoke. "People of Earth! Greetings from the United Nations of Earths! We come from worlds much like your own, but in different realities..."

Not a single faction, but a collection of competing ones. Somewhen, in some far-distant timeline, a civilization discovered the secret of faster than light travel through deep space hyperspace gates. They built an empire, as these things go, and maybe they eventually ascended or went extinct. Before then, they left an awful lot of hypergates spread throughout the Milky Way galaxy, as well as a number of primitive civilizations ready to arise and take their place in the galaxy. One such civilization was humanity, which discovered the Sol gate out past the orbit of Pluto in a more energetic Space Race in the 1970s.

However. The HyperGates have two settings, and primitives monkeying around with them often didn't notice that they'd turned on the transdimensional mode. This ignorance was exacerbated by the nature of the gates; regardless of whether they are set to FTL or TD, they always connect to the same star. (Changing the destination requires rebuilding the gate.) They're also one-way gates, though the Precursor network always had paired gates to allow two-way travel.

Now, the group of civilizations that has spread across several timelines and thousands of stars calls itself (in English) the HyperGate Continuum. They have learned to build new HyperGates, though they aren't as reliable as the Precursor versions. As a whole, they're around TL10; they also don't care at all about the Secret. So far, Infinity has only encountered them on Q6 realities, and there is a tentative hope that the HyperGate technology is restricted to that quantum.

There are dozens of powers in the Continuum, ranging from the predatory Barathians to the United Nations of Earths, a human-centric government that comprises three cross-time Sol systems and nearly a hundred other solar systems. Of particular interest to Infinity and Centrum are the Church of the Gate and the Temporal Academy, two rival organizations that compete for control over Gate technology. Both have the ability to construct new gates, though their knowledge is incomplete, and targeting a new or rebuilt gate is very nearly completely random. Very importantly for Infinity, the Continuum appears to have no knowledge of conveyor/projector parachronics. The Continuum has also not yet encountered other space-faring civilizations with non-Gate FTL.

In game terms, the HyperGate Continuum allows Infinity to deal with space opera powers and plotlines, whether that's the Federation of Planets or the Hutt crime syndicates. They tend to be high tech and psionic; magic doesn't really fit the mood off the bat (and Infinity has only encountered the Continuum on no-mana timelines). Naturally, Infinity has a strict ban on travel to known Continuum worldlines, but they might just appear as a first contact on a world where Infinity already operates...
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Default Re: Alternate Crosstime Organizations

In most quantums around Homeline, secularization proceeded slowly yet continuously, to the point that it seems almost inevitable that if the local date is after the 1990s or so, religion might inform people's private lives, but it's never the main actor of history.

Alonso-2 is different. The inquisitions of Medieval Europe continued throughout the next five hundred years without pause, though it did adapt. Catholicism as it is practiced in Alonso-2 is recognizable only in its trappings.

Sometime in the 1600s, the Papistry unified the inquisitions of Europe and advanced its rule over temporal affairs. Over the centuries, it grew stronger and stronger, as the united inquisitions suppressed any kind of dissent, and by the early 1900s, it claimed dominion over the whole planet.

Though some forms of science were prohibited, practical questions of manufacturing, navigation, and engineering were encouraged (albeit with all research institutions riddled with the inquisition's spies). As a result, the current date is anno Domini 2013, and most engineering and technical fields are TL 8, all political and social techs are around TL 5, and medicine, biology, and cosmology are no higher than TL 4. Farming, at least, is TL 7, but seems to have stagnated there due to complete and willing ignorance of genetics.

How does this society avoid discovering immoral research? By having only the most loyal and holy men discover it first. Hidden within this society, the Inquisiton's black universities are verging on TL9 in the most heretical fields, and use that research to prevent the laypeople from discovering those unorthodox lies of reality.

This is how they discovered that some human beings have demonic powers in their blood, and that holy men can take those powers in order to better advance the cause of the Church. Through these techniques, the Inquisition discovered that there were countless worlds of people who must be converted or exterminated, and that their riches were often easily ready for the taking.

Their specialty is crosstime mind control. A captured hellspawn is used as a conduit which an Inquisition agent uses to leap into the mind of an unsuspecting psionic sensitive on annother worldline. Actually moving materials requires a great deal of energy and risk, and can "burn out" the conduit, so they do it only when needed.

Alonso-1, by the way, saw the early spanish inquisition sputter out in immediate internal power struggles and reprisals. All in all, it was so ineffective that Spain became a haven of non-catholic religions and saw something of a golden age.

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