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Default GT Starships inspired by CT ships...

Hello Folks,
I thought I'd share a ship design inspired by the Adventure Class ships product put out by FASA some years back. Obviously, there is no one to one translation of the ship from FASA to GURPS due to the space acceleration being a function of mass in GURPS, but it seemed close enough to match the intent that I was happy with it. Feel free to modify it if so desired. This was created using the GMV software.

Also, it might be wise to create the Zhodani versions of weapons instead of using Imperial Standard weapons, but then again, why bother?



150-ton Chatl-class Zhodani Scout Leader(TL11)

The Chatl class leader scout is designed for personnel transfers (usually senior naval officers) as well as orders to where they are required. The upper deck contains avionics with a bridge and computer. The galley and wardroom is further aft. Near the stern of the ship are the airlock are the engineering areas, ship's locker, aft air lock to the port, The lower deck contains the staterooms with share a head. Consoles located in the staterooms allow remote operation of the sole turret. There is also a monoitor on the lower deck for engineering duties if necessary. Since this craft has two staterooms plus a bunk area, it is capable of carrying up to 2 senior officers in comfort, with the captain of the ship being bunked in the bunk room, or can carry a total of 1 senior officer plus 3 other members associated with the senior officer in the bunk area with the captain retaining his normal quarters.

Crew: 2: Pilot/Captain plus 1 rating to handle engineering and/or turret responsibilities.

Hull: 150-ton VGSL, non Lifting Body, Medium Frame, Standard Materials, Laminate (Expensive) Armored Hull (DR 1,400, Instant Chameleon), Total Compartmentalization, Basic Stealth (-7, AMod 1), Basic Emission Cloaking (-7, PMod 1 [-3, PMod 5 in space]).

Control Areas: Basic Bridge/11 (Complexity 8), Compact Bridge option (Used on Basic or command bridges only).

Communicator Range (mi)

Radio: 50,000,000 mi

Maser: 0

Laser: 100,000,000 mi

Meson: 15,000 mi

Sensors Range(mi)/Rating

Passive: 30,000/38

Active: 150,000/42

Radscanner: 10,000/35

Basic Bridge/11

Engineering: Engineering/11, 9 Jump Drive/11, 14 Maneuver Drive/11 (2.05 / 2.09 Gs, 1,400 stons thrust), 75 Jump Fuel Tank.

Accommodations: 2 Stateroom/11, Bunk Room/11, Minifac/11.

Armaments: 1 Turret/11 Battery of 1 (DR 700, 2xStd Laser/11 390 Mj[RoF Bonus +1], Sand Caster/08 [200], Sand Caster Full Load [x200]).

Statistics: DMass 594.65 stons, EMass 669.65 stons, LMass 681.65 stons, Base Cost MCr84.34, Load Cost MCr0.11, Total Cost MCr84.45, HP 22,500, Damage Threshold 2,250, Size Mod +8, HT 12, 44.1 Man-Hours/day Maintenance.

Space Performance: Jump-5 (5), sAcc 2.05/2.05/2.09/2.35 Gs.

Air Performance: aSpeed 740 mph, Skimming aSpeed 7,484 mph, aLift 1,400 stons.

Sample Times : Orbit 0.11 Hrs, Escape Velocity 0.16 Hrs, 100D 4.45 Hrs, Earth-Mars 76.50 Hrs.
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Old 08-31-2018, 04:58 PM   #2
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Buffalo, New York
Default Re: GT Starships inspired by CT ships...

While this is not inspired from CT, it is inspired from T5...

500-ton Stingray-class Corvette, EC09843 (TL10)

Crew: Total Crew: 21. 5 Command and Control, 3 Egineering, 1 Medical, 3 Flight Crew. In addition, the craft is manned by a squad of 8 Marines plus one NCO. All Marines are trained turret gunners and function as ship security when required.

Hull: 500-ton VGSL, Medium Frame, Advanced Materials, Laminate (Advanced) Armored Hull (DR 600, Psi-Shielded), Heavy Compartmentalization, Modest Stealth (-3, AMod 6), Modest Emission Cloaking (-3, PMod 6 [-1, PMod 8 in space]), Modest Sound Baffling (-3, BMod -3 [N/A in Space]), Modest IR Cloaking (-3, PMod 6).

Control Areas: Basic Bridge (Hardened, Complexity 7).

Communicator Range (mi)

Radio: 50,000,000 mi

Maser: 0 mi

Laser: 100,000,000 mi

Meson: 0 mi

Sensors Range(mi)/Rating

Passive: 20,000/37

Active: 100,000/41

Radscanner: 2,000/31

Engineering: Engineering (30.6 dtons[1,272.96 MW]), 20 Jump Drive, 107 Maneuver Drive/10 Improved (3.01 / 3.64 Gs, 5,243 stons thrust), 50 Maneuver Drive/10 Non-Vectored (1.98 / 2.40 Gs, 3,450 stons thrust), 150 Jump Fuel Tank (Loaded with 45 stons), 2 Fuel Processor (9.4 hours to refine Jump Fuel Tank), Utility/10.

Accommodations: 3 Stateroom/10, 3 Bunk Room/10, Half Stateroom, Sickbay/10 (2 Patients), Minifac/10, Gymnasium/ 7 (4 Users).

Misc: 300 Hydrogen Fuel (Fire 13).

Armaments: 1 Turret #1 Battery of 1 (DR 300, Std Laser/10 250 Mj, Std Laser/10 250 Mj, Std Laser/10 250 Mj), 1 Turret #2 Battery of 1 (DR 300, Std Laser/10 250 Mj, Std Laser/10 250 Mj, Std Laser/10 250 Mj), 1 Turret #3 Battery of 1 (DR 300, Hvy Laser/10 810 Mj ), 1 Turret #4 Battery of 1 (DR 300, Hvy Laser/10 810 Mj ), 1 Turret #5 Battery of 1 (DR 300, Hvy Laser/10 810 Mj ).

Stores: 10 Hold (0 dtons free for cargo), 20 Gig Vehicle Bay (20-ton Gig).

Statistics: DMass 1,394.21 stons, EMass 1,439.21 stons, LMass 1,739.21 stons, Base Cost MCr252.03, Load Cost MCr7.4, Total Cost MCr259.43, HP 41,250, Damage Threshold 4,125, Size Mod +9, HT 12, 76.2 Man-Hours/day Maintenance.

Space Performance: Jump-3, sAcc 5.00/5.00/6.04/6.24 Gs.

Air Performance: aSpeed 3,705 mph, Skimming aSpeed 13,772 mph, aLift 5,243 stons.

Sample Times : Orbit 0.05 Hrs, Escape Velocity 0.06 Hrs, 100D 2.86 Hrs, Earth-Mars 49.04 Hrs.
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Old 09-02-2018, 12:44 PM   #3
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Buffalo, New York
Default Re: GT Starships inspired by CT ships...

This class of Escort Destroyer isn't based on anything, but designed for use with my Traveller Universe. It was a start towards detailing the Lunion Sub-sector navy at one point in time. The 20 dtons of unspecified small craft could be 2x 10dton fighters, maybe life boats, or what have you. The crew size is larger than it needs to be for the classic traveller universe, but I tend to go for redundancy for 24/7 operations etc. That I don't have any marines for this ship is an oversight on my part, but - as an early craft, might prove useful for someone in their own campaign.

1,500-ton Nettle-class Escort Destroyer, DE 15326 (TL10)

Crew: 66 Total. 18 Command and Control, 9 Jump Drive, 15 Maneuver Drive, 2 Medical, 4 Nuclear Damper Operators, 10 Turret Gunners, 3 Flight Crew, 5 Additional.

Hull: 1,500-ton VGSL, Extra Heavy Frame, Standard Materials, Laminate (Advanced) Armored Wedge configuration Hull (DR 750, Thermal Super-conducting Armor, Psi-Shielded), Heavy Compartmentalization, Basic Stealth (-6, AMod 4), Basic Emission Cloaking (-6, PMod 4 [-3, PMod 7 in space]), Basic IR Cloaking (-6, PMod 4).

Control Areas: Basic Bridge (Hardened, Complexity 7), Aux.Control Station/Dup.Controls (Hardened), Enh Sensors, EW/10 (Hardened, Complexity 8).

Communicator Range (mi)

Radio 50,000,000

Maser 0

Laser 100,000,000

Meson 0

Passive 20,000/37

Active 100,000/41

Radscanner 2,000/31

Enh Sensors:
Sensors Range (mi) /Rating

Passive 200,000/43

Active 450,000/45

Radscanner 20,000/37

EW/10 Range((mi) /Rating)

Area Jammer 2,250/7

Radio Direction Finder 50,000,000

Radio Jammer 50,000

Engineering: 2 Engineering (81.7 dtons[3,402.82 MW]), 75 Jump Drive, 252 Maneuver Drive (Lunion, 3.79 / 3.95 Gs, 16,380 stons thrust), 600 Jump Fuel Tank, 3 Fuel Processor (25 hours to refine Jump Fuel Tank), 4 Utility.

Accommodations: 10 Bunk Room, Luxury Double-size Stateroom, 12 Stateroom, 2 Military Sickbay/10 (8 Patients), 15 Emergency Low Berth/10 (60 Cryoberths), 2 Armory/Safe (50 Users), 2 Brig (50 Users), 2 Complete Workshop (6 Users), 3 Gymnasium (12 Users), Hall/Bar/Conference Room (50 Users), Minifac, 2 Ships Galley.

Misc: Boarding Clamp.

Armaments: Nuclear Damper/10 (10 mi), 5 Turret Batteries of 2 each (DR 375, Hvy Laser/10 810 Mj [RoF Bonus +1]), 5 Turret Batteries of 1 each (DR 375, Sand Caster Full Load [x200], Sand Caster Full Load [x200], Sand Caster Full Load [x200], 3xSand Caster/08 [200]).

Stores: 59 Hold (59xUnspecified Cargo, 0 dtons free for cargo), 40 Spacedock (20-ton Gig, 20 dtons for small craft available).

Statistics: DMass 3,543.36 stons, EMass 4,143.36 stons, LMass 4,323.36 stons, Base Cost MCr747.7, Load Cost MCr7.11, Total Cost MCr754.81, HP 306,909, Damage Threshold 7,673, Size Mod +10, HT 12, 131.3 Man-Hours/day Maintenance.

Space Performance: Jump-4 (4), sAcc 3.79 Gs (max load)/3.79 Gs (normal load)/3.95 Gs (fuel load)/4.62 Gs (dry load).

Air Performance: aSpeed 4,558 mph, Skimming aSpeed 13,862 mph, aLift 16,380 stons.

Sample Times : Orbit 0.06 Hrs, Escape Velocity 0.08 Hrs, 100D 3.28 Hrs, Earth-Mars 56.32 Hrs.
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