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Default Re: Debased starting wealth

Originally Posted by Colarmel View Post
B. The problem is that the regular fail: far more likely, is just wasted metal - something you'd know immediately, I assume a crit-fail just means getting caught in the act.
Best guess is a regular fail means your debased coin doesn't look legit, crit fail means someone else notices before you do.
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Default Re: Debased starting wealth

I don't know if it shouldn't just be a margin of success determining how easy it is for others to know.
If you're debasing it, then you are making changes. You can't make it impossible to recognize, no matter the skill.
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Default Re: Debased starting wealth

I think the idea is that on a success, youíve successfully laundered it: youíve gotten rid of the original debased coins enough that it canít be traced back to you. Because of course nobody is going to catch you unless you try to spend it...

Youíve done *stuff* where you managed to exchange it for legit coin. Note that any large purchase can probably be expected to contain a few debased coins, which arenít the work of the buyer but simply the result of debased coin being passed on, and nobody reacts much. Itís when you try and pass a lot at once that you get pegged.
Per-based Stealth isnít remotely as awkward as DX-based Observation.
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