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Default About Dark card

Hello, I need your invaluable help one more time...

I have two little doubts about this card.

1) What does it mean that the monster have to win for you to gain a level? ==> Does the other player have to run away, that is, does he have to lose the combat? or, Does the other player have to lose the combat and to suffer the bad stuff of the monster? Which one? I think it's the first one (I think it's not important if the player manage to run away or not, anyway the player lost the combat).

2) The card says, more or less, "...if you help a monster against other player and this player dies, you can win the game...", so, What happens when there're two players fighting together against the monster and you help the monster? Do the 2 players have to die? or only the main player, that is, that player who asked for help. What happens if only one of them die?

Thank you very much.

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Default Re: About Dark card

The monsters "win" when the player loses, and when the player loses, he has to Run Away. So, no, the Monsters do not have to catch the munchkins in combat, the munchkins just have to Run Away.

Now, if there are multiple players, it's still just one Level and one of them would have to die as a result of having to Run Away for it to be the winning Level.

I would, in fact, say that the wording, as is, is sufficient. If two players are in a combat and you aid the Monster(s), you are helping the Monsters against each player, so regardless of how many of them die, as long as one dies while Running Away, the Level you would get could be the winning Level.
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Boardgame Bjornis
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Default Re: About Dark card

My Dark cards are in a different color than the other door cards. Is that correct?
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