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Default Origins of Uncle Albert

How was the idea of Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop created? Is the image of Uncle Albert based on anyone in real life?
Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autoduel Team
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Default Re: Origins of Uncle Albert

Not sure if this has ever been officially acknowledged , but I seem to recall that guy Albert's graphic was based on had passed on in the mid 1990's ?

Think he ran local General Store in a writer/contributor to ADQ's home town ? No idea where I got this from : conversations whilst playing , game's forum discussions or perhaps comments in other magazines ? I'll look on TV Tropes & 1d4Chan to see if I can find it .

His character seems to be part Used Car Salesman/Eccentric Businessman-Inventor , with perhaps a dash of Howard Hughes and Hugh Heffner ( Al's Girls ... ) . His TV network & other enterprises might be a nod towards various media moguls like Rupert Murdoch and the like ... ;-)

All in all he's probably a satirical poke at many slightly dodgy business types & his Catalogues are - at least to European eyes - a parody of those Gun , Weapon & Survivalist Catalogues & Advertisements that made it over the Atlantic in '80's & '90's . You know the ones I mean , aimed at a 'certain' type and/or militant NRA supporters etc .

Just a theory anyway , that myself , T-Rex , Lightbulb , Lowdecker , Swordboy & others spent long gaming nights mulling over :-)
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Steve Jackson
President and EIC
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Default Re: Origins of Uncle Albert

Absolutely correct about the general nature of the inspiration for the character. The graphic, though, began as clip art. And the name? "We're so sorry . . . Uncle Albert."

Of course, he took on his own life. One of those characters who write themselves.
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Default Re: Origins of Uncle Albert

Well there's 'The Word Of God' for you !!! X-D

There was an Uncle Albert in the Mary Poppins film ( don't know if he was in the original book ) , in the flying bubbles scene .

And if course the famous slogan "Uncle Al - The Duelist Pal" is just the sort of catchy tagline you'd expect in advertising ;-)
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