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Default 5E - Bends and fishtails

The rules could be clearer?

For bends they says the bend has to be completed with 1" of movement in the new direction. This should be read in conjunction with the movement general advice that you move 1/10 of your speed in inches each phase. So at 30 mph you would move 3"per phase and you would bend after the second inch, the penultimate inch. Wonder if the advice that you have to complete the bend with 1" also means you could bend after the first inch.

Fishtail diagram is confusing on the crash table. "Now use the Turning Key as shown below. If the bend was to the left, line up the left side of the vehicle with the Turning Key, and vice versa." But the diagram shows a fishtail to the left when the turning key is on the right side of the vehicle. With the turning key on the right, this must be because the failed bend was to the right, not to the left.
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