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Default Re: Catalog of the Weird Parallels

Well, it depends on their situation, doesn't it? If they were transformed TL12 metamorphic plagues that are leftovers from the final war that ended human civilization on their timeline and left the survivors at TL4, they might be interested in living a TL8 lifestyle. Of course, they might be contagious, but we talking about a beneficial contagion. I can imagine that there would be many people who want to go from ST 10 to ST 30 in a few weeks.
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Default Re: Catalog of the Weird Parallels

I do have a set of alternates where in the distant past some cross-time aliens experimented on local hominids, them left for unknown reasons erasing almost all signs of their presence.

Even though they put genetic/dietary/etc. faults to stop subjects from escaping, some did survive to hide among the local unmodified humans as monsters or hybrids.

Some may enjoy working with ISWAT just so they don't have to be so paranoid about torch carrying mobs. And as said, comforts of higher tech are always nice for those able to handle the culture shock.
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Default Re: Catalog of the Weird Parallels

Button-1 is moving backwards in time, relative to homeline. Current date 1793; next year it will be 1792. Strangely enough, it's apparently an echo with strong inertia aside from the chronological inversion.

On arrival, your perception of time instantly becomes reversed; you believe you're leaving at the moment you're actually arriving. Perhaps a material example would help...

From homeline's perspective, you depart on Monday(HL Time), which is Friday(B Time). They observe you marking off time backwards relative to them, until on Thursday(HL Time) and Tuesday(B Time), you return to Homeline almost one week younger than before.

From your perspective, you depart on Monday(HL Time). Your perception of time becomes clouded. It is now Tuesday(B Time). You perform your mission, marking off time forward and aging normally. On Friday(B Time), you return to Homeline. Things are again confused for a moment. It's now Thursday.

In effect, you have Destiny (Will depart Button in the exact state you departed Homeline in), because in a real sense those seemingly separate moments are the same. This proved to be a problem because if you leave Homeline with an empty logbook, that means that over the course of your mission, no matter what you write in the logbook, it'll become empty again before you leave. It's not clear why or how memories are preserved and nothing else.

There is a way around this, however. For example, when you depart, your logbook is filled with a false, silly mission log. You are ordered to erase your true mission log and write a false, silly mission log in its place. This is unsettling, because the text you erase during the mission is somehow an accurate recording of the mission. Homeline, if they could watch directly, sees the exact opposite; you use your pencil to scrape the lead off the page, then the eraser to scrub a new, more factual report into the paper. From homelines' perspective, when you finally return, you bring the accurate mission log that you remember erasing.

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