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Default Wand of Dowsing

We played a lot of Munchkin in the past week and encountered a lot of cases where we could not agree on what is legal.

After consulting FAQ and searching online for answers, these questions persist:

6) Wand of dowsing

Can wand of dowsing be used during combat to go through discard pile and find a +5 bonus or a doppleganger card or similar to aid you in combat?
Can it be done so for items that have to be equipped and can they be equipped even if normally they can not be equipped during combat?

I apologise for bombarding you with questions, alas at least it shows we gave the game a good run! Thank you for your patience, time and help in advance and I wish you all best in 2018!

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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Wand of Dowsing

Hi, Mathyoo. I'm splitting your LONG post into several shorter ones, with more detailed subject lines, to make it easier for other people to find the answers to your questions.

You may use Wand of Dowsing during your combat (nothing says it can't be), but if you pull a permanent and equippable Item, you may not use it because you cannot equip new Items during combat. Probably better to pick something else.

(Officially, by the way, cards you select with Wand of Dowsing go into your hand, where they may be played if it is currently legal to do so. That avoids several nasty timing problems.)
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