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Default Doppleganger

We played a lot of Munchkin in the past week and encountered a lot of cases where we could not agree on what is legal.

After consulting FAQ and searching online for answers, these questions persist:

1) Doppleganger
This card summons an exact duplicate of a player - does this only mean players level and equipment or also boosts that were played in combat to support this player? Do the bonuses follow changes or are they applied as correct at time when the card was played?

Player A, level 2 has pantyhose item (+3). His strength is 5. He fights a level 10 monster. He buffs himself for +2, making his strength 7. He plays doppleganger. Is that doppleganger now strength 7 or 5?

I believe it is 5, as boosts boost side and not specific players?

I apologise for bombarding you with questions, alas at least it shows we gave the game a good run! Thank you for your patience, time and help in advance and I wish you all best in 2018!

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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Doppleganger

Hi, Mathyoo. I'm splitting your LONG post into several shorter ones, with more detailed subject lines, to make it easier for other people to find the answers to your questions.

The Doppleganger is an exact duplicate of the munchkin who plays it. Find that munchkin's combat strength, including all its bonuses, and then double it (because the Doppleganger is identical). If the munchkin's total strength changes, the Doppleganger changes to match it - so you just double the new strength instead.

Doing it the way you suggest would require you to remember which bonuses were active when the Doppleganger was played and which were not, and that's too much thinking for our silly game.

You didn't ask this, but it comes up a lot: if you are using a Doppleganger and are forced to get help from another munchkin, the Doppleganger no longer has any bonus (it only works when you are fighting alone).
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