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Default Party Roles in Traveller

What are the essential party roles in Traveller? I mean the job functions that someone in the party has to be at least vaguely competent at. One PC could fill several slots.

Party roles -

Pilot (includes Driver)

Very desirable:
Stealthy person

Scientist or other academic

What am I forgetting?
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Default Re: Party Roles in Traveller


I don't tend to think of Party Roles in general...unless there is are In Character jobs.

So, when I was running Traveller, I created positions that the Captain of the ship advertised for that needed to be covered for that particular ship.

This particular ship advertised for:
Captain (NPC)
Purser/Merchant (the captain requested this person also be qualified to use ship's guns)
Steward/Medic (the captain requested this person also be qualified to use ship's guns)
NPC Crewman

So this resulted in a 5 person party with an NPC captain (who I planned to have killed...but the PCs never let that happen). If I only had 4 players, I think I'd configure a ship that could operate with 4 PCs.

But if I were running a Merc campaign, then there'd be different configurations. Or if they were running a scientist campaign, then there'd be different configurations. Or if they were running pirates...or I don't. But I was running a Free Trader they needed to be able to...a) run a Hero class ship, b) take care of passengers, c) do cargo wheeling and dealing.
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Default Re: Party Roles in Traveller

I normally differentiate between ship board job, and party role.

Ship Board Jobs:
Engineering Assistant
Cargo Handler

Hand-to-Hand Expert
Red Tape Cutter
science Expert

Each character needs to cover one or more ship board jobs, and one or more roles.

An example of a crew:
Captain/Navigator who is a leader & science expert
Pilot who is the Driver & Face
Engineer who is Hand-to-Hand & Scrounger
Medic/Steward who is a Gun man & tactician
Merchant/cargo Handler who is a red tape cutter & hacker
Gunner who is a gun man and B&E/infiltrator
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Default Re: Party Roles in Traveller

In every Traveler game I've played, the PC's have some sort of ship.

SKILLS: At a minimum, Pilot 1 and Engineer 1 would be needed. (We played Original Traveler, enhanced by Mercenary, High Guard, Scouts, etc for more capable characters.) We later incorporated Megatraveler and a few scarce elements from other versions, but we played in the Third Imperium before Strephon's murder (and eventually prevented it.)

The things we got into, knowing how to use a gun was imperative for everyone.

Other needed skills for someone included computer, intrusion, gunner, and medic.

Roles we always had included the hotshot pilot, the combat specialist, and the greedyguts/money person. The stealth/intrusion expert was almost always needed.

There was almost always a "wizard," in the form of a psionic--lots of interesting backstories to justify someone being psionicly trained when she was a child, before aging stared to reduce the potential.

The Face, in the form of a noble, high ranking ex military, or someone else with influence was a secondary role that someone ended up with, depending on how skills ended up being rolled. (Sometimes, we were allowed somechoice in skills, but some were always random!)

Usually we didn't need to be worrying about making the next payment; we were all dealing with that enough in reality.
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balance, party, roles

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