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Default Rick and Morty: Munchkin Q&A

A forum for players of Rick and Morty: Munchkin to clear up rules.
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Default Question on rules in Rick and Morty: Munchkin

I am relatively new to Munchkin but I have played the regular version, the Superhero version and the Apocalypse version. I just bought the Rick and Morty version last night, and ran into a few small, unanswerable disputes that we had in game. For one, the fact that 'parents' make it a little difficult to discern rulings that affect us in the real world. For example, a monster had +3 against people who are married. Does that mean real life players or the in-game characters? Also another big dispute we had was the character exceptions. For example, I had my brother help me take on a monster, I was playing as Rick and he was Morty. However, another player played a card that could not / would not fight Morty. So if my brother had joined me in the fight, does that mean the monster is rendered useless? Or how does that work?
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Rick and Morty: Munchkin Q&A

If you have specific questions, please start new posts to ask them. We do not want megathreads of questions and answers because they get confusing and hard to refer to later.

To answer the questions here:

The monster with +3 against people who are married means actual players who are married (not necessarily to other people in the game, just not single).

If someone is playing a character, adding a monster who won't fight that character is pointless. And if that character joins a fight that monster is already in, that monster quits fighting.
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