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Default Re: Where are the most detailed & realistic travel rules to be found?

Originally Posted by seycyrus View Post
I like your write-up, thanks!

One question. In your example in "Sighting and Visibility", (Lenia is on the beach at Cape Shad...), why can she see for 9 miles? Shouldn't it be 3?
If she were at sea level, she'd only be able to see for 3 miles, but the table assumes that the landscape is higher than that (ie, coastal plains have an average elevation of 50 ft). Scouts get even better horizons because it's assumed they're climbing to the tops of local hills or climbing up trees, as needed, to see a little farther.

Now that the game is dead, I should export one of the old maps that would better explain exactly what is going on in that example.

EDIT: And now I have done that, so there's a picture showing the exact geography and the way that the hills are blocking line of sight.
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