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Old 12-01-2017, 01:37 PM   #21
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Default Re: What to do with INF

Originally Posted by TheAmishStig View Post
For the guys who are doing the 'permanent attachment / extra bases for making change' thing: What led you to decide on the breakdown you did?

I see Mack_JB's at 9-5-5, ColBosch is at 7-7-7...I'm trying to get a feel for what to do with my own figures, but don't have decades of gleefully squishing INF beneath my treads to really have a feel for what makes a good many 3/1s is too many compared to the rest of the units in a Set 1, how many to realistically keep on hand for making change, I figured I'd try to pick the community's collective brains.
9-5-5 is probably where I'd go, too. In normal gameplay, you will tend to try and keep 3-INF groupings as much as possible because of the D3, especially playing Green map games. There's an argument for 2-INF groupings playing basic Ogre games, that I'm sure Henry will be happy to enlighten us with again soon enough; but even with that case of Ogre strength to INF D statistics, you are most often going to be moving around 3-INF because it's just easier to manage.

You almost never see 1-INF wandering around by itself, they are strictly for making change, and don't forget that 2-INF + 1-INF = 3-INF, or 1-INF + 1-INF = 2-INF, so you still have other options if things get thin.

The _real_ question is how many Marines, Combat Engineers, et al are you going to have to go along with your standard INF? ;-)
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Old 12-01-2017, 01:46 PM   #22
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Default Re: What to do with INF

I started with the thinking of 9-5-5, but ended up using 10-4-4 instead. In most normal Ogre games, you pretty much want 3/1 INF so you can get as many in close to the Ogre as possible, so 2/1 and 1/1 are just for making change temporarily, and then should be recombined into 3/1 as possible as soon as you can. At that 10-4-4 set up, if you have two boxes of minis, that's eight 2/1 and eight 1/1 -- more than I can ever recall using in a game.

A 1/1 INF on his own is dead faster than you can move them in game.

For Set #2 when it arrives, I was thinking of basing them all as 3/1 on discs (assuming the poses match/are identical). Then for loading the GEV-PC I am stealing an idea from Eurogames and I'll put a 'cube' on the GEV to represent the INF riding. Upon dismount they'll get a disc of INF for individual movement.

Added edit: I knew there was another reason why I went with 10-4-4! In the standard "Mk. V Attack" scenario, you get 30 INF, so ten 3/1 works perfectly.

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Old 12-01-2017, 02:13 PM   #23
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Default Re: What to do with INF

The main reason I went with 7-7-7 is because I painted two full sets (so far), so really I have 14-14-14. If I was looking at only one set, I'd probably go 10-4-4 or 9-5-5.
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Dave Crowell
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Default Re: What to do with INF

On the orange map I tend to use a lot of 2/1 to cover the most ground. Since the Ogre gets no spillover fire and can only shoot at each infantry target once with AP providing lots of targets works to my advantage. Or at least it seems to. Firing on the Ogre I do by single 1/1 squad at treads anyway to maximize my chances of scoring at least some hits.

On the green map I go for 3/1 to guard key points. I can always break them up if needed. 1/1s on their own on the green map aren't usually worth much, unless they are in a city hex that for somereason the enemy must pass through. Then at least they get double fire power and shoot first in the overrun with triple defense for being in city, but how often does that happen? Usually it's stop outside the city, beyond the Infantry's range and shoot them, or else go around.

But the real answer of what to do with INF is send them to me. I love my little squishies and never seem to have enough of them. They are my second favourite unit in the game after Missile Tanks.

And a cheap source of 3/4 inch metal bases is US pennies. Canadian pennies too, but Canada no longer uses them.
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J. Durr
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Default Re: What to do with INF

What to do with INF? From the perspective of an Ogre, we're just gonna kill 'em!
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