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Default Rick and Morty Munckin Items

Hereís a question I havenít seen answered yet. In Rick and Morty Munchkin, can items with special bonuses be used on any combat, not just your own? For example, the Portal Gun can be discard to turn any one monster onto a level one snake worth 1 treasure, 1 level and no bad stuff, but canít be used to gain the winning level. Can you use the card to stop someone from reaching level 10 by switching out the monster in their combat? The rules say you can use one shot items, but doesnít specify about items with special rules, like this one.
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Default Re: Rick and Morty Munckin Items

A special ability of an Item can usually be used only by the wielder, but usually a card with a listed discard ability could be used on someone else's turn as long as the card doesn't say it can only be discarded on your turn or on your combat. I don't have the card in front of me, and I'm not sure where my copy is (convention + Thanksgiving + RPG prep for this weekend and next have left me disoriented) to check the card right now, so as long as you haven't left out any critical verbiage on the card, I'd make the presumption that the card could be played on someone else. However, that "not for the winning level" part has me troubled, because that would indicate you couldn't play it to win the game if you couldn't win the current combat you are fighting. That could be taken to mean that if by killing the Monster the player would get the Winning Level, you could not play it on him. However, if he were fighting (and beating) a Monster that would give him 2 Levels, which he absolutely needed to win the game, then you could absolutely play it on that other player.

See how hard this stuff is to parse? I now have a headache and I've just started looking over questions today.

So, short answer: You probably could play it on another player, assuming it wouldn't let them win the game, but let me find the card or let Andrew give a better answer if he can.
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