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Old 11-27-2017, 08:07 PM   #1
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Default Who to Give DFRPG To?

I only KickStarted for One copy, but found that I needed to buy a second copy last night (mmmm only $100 for free US shipping....) Someone needs this for Christmas.

Some Potentials Iím considering:
My youngest brother (dude, is he 35?!) who loves games, including GURPS (plays) but had thus far refused to GM?
My wifeís 30-something cousin who lives way too far away for me to ever game with, (idaho falls!) but expressed an interest in the concept of pen&paper rpgs? (Had never heard of them, despite loving sci-Fi fantasy and video games!)
A 13-year-Old nephew whoís played a few times in our GURPS game, but I donít know who he has to game with?
An 18 year old nephew 6 hours away who has liked our occasional old west GURPS game, but changes video game interests and focuses on an almost weekly basis?
Other super-sharp but younger relations that LOVE making up characters and situations and donít even know RPGs exist? (Donít live nearby and only see one a year or so )

How young do you think someone could be and still appreciate it?

*i* personally got introduced to rpgs at age 7-9 (maybe 3 games in those years with a teen-age uncle) and figured out the red box d&d with my friends at age 12; DFRPG is waaay more organized and makes much more sense than that did!

Anyhow, are you giving a Dungeon Fantasy box to someone this December? Who, and why?
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Turhan's Bey Company
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Default Re: Who to Give DFRPG To?

Already gave my second copy and GM screen to my 10-ish-year-old nephew when he was in town a month or two ago. He'd started playing D&D a few months before that, and I saw that as my opportunity.

So won't be giving him the DFRPG, but will likely send him a dead tree copy of the Companion.
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