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Old 11-27-2017, 12:11 PM   #1
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Default Plans for Set 1 Armory / Set 2 Retail?

Ok, so I have a very difficult decision to make, and I have to make it fast. I have two options and four hours, but which one I go for hinges on whether or not I can be confident in getting my hands on an Armory after Christmas, because I should really be spending this money on siblings/nephews/etc.

Is there anything in the wild for Set 2 at retail?

Option 1: I can get an All the Minis to match my Set 1, which would give me 10 'set 1 + set 2' pairs, some odds and ends, and an odd-man-out glowy set 1.

Option 2: I can join the 47 other terminal figmentia patients...the few, the insane, the 'too many minis is still not enough'...but to round out that collection I'd also be looking to pick up a Set 1 (retail), an Armory, and a single Set 2...which would leave me with a whopping 16 complete sets.

I understand that in the world of selling physical product there are never guarantees, but "I doubt there will be any left by christmas" vs "Anything could happen, but I don't see why not" would make a world of difference on whether I can go from throwing stupid amounts of money at Set 2 to throwing ludicrous amounts of money at set 2.

Do I need 16 sets? Of course not. I really don't need 10, or even 5. At least not for my typical usage. Convention events, on the other hand? That's a different story entirely...

Edit: Moot point, campaign is over. I took the gamble, so fingers crossed there's a Set 1 Armory left by the time I get to it!
Andy Mull
Agent #0460
Lancaster, PA


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