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Old 11-24-2017, 05:26 PM   #1
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Default Powered by Gurps working with original DF PDF?

Hi, I was just wondering if the "old" DF content will work 100% with the Powered by Gurps DF set?

What I mean is that I have some 20+ DF PDF and printed books (the first 2), are there any rules or changes in the box set that conflict or override former rules in the box set? For example are there any spells in the older set that have been removed from the box set spell list?

Also using Martial Arts or Low tech with the box set "break" the powered by Gurps DF game?

Btw really loving the box set, I think this could be my basic set up for fantasy games from here onward.
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Default Re: Powered by Gurps working with original DF PDF?

Pseudonym has a couple of blog posts about this:
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Default Re: Powered by Gurps working with original DF PDF?

They are nearly binary compatible. DFRPG is mostly a streamlining of GURPS mechanics, so if you find a reason to add in mechanic x from GURPS to DFRPG because it was taken out, you won't have much if any heartburn. I think the only things that might be directly opposed to integration with DFRPG, in hindsight after thinking about this for a while, might be DF8, a big section of its enchantment costs and equipment tables conflict with the enchantment costs in magical items, and the equipment values that have been borrowed from the revised (and generally better in a lot of people's opinions) values in Low-Tech as opposed to Basic Set; and DF13, again because the loadouts are somewhat tied to equipment from the Basic Set.

Other changes abound, but assuming you mean you have all the foundational GURPS books, and you desperately want some removed mechanic like the ability to make Druids Shapeshift into something besides some reconnaissance animal, or extra effort in combat (I love turning my FP into a cheap +2 to active defenses!,) you won't have any trouble at all.
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