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Default Re: Lost in Dreams II (OCC)

Noticing the shared modifiers for Jumper and Clairsentience. Is the 1 hour of preparation reflecting the time it takes to fall asleep?

Uncontrollable failing a will check I guess means you need to fall asleep while upset/stressed/scared?

Re dreaming skill roll: would penalties for taking less time or bonuses for taking more time apply?

Curious about the Cosmic +50%. Is what that does some kind of mystery to discover or is it just something like they are part of a shared power category, or maybe cosmic: defensive to prevent negation or cosmic: adds utility to be usable if inhabiting other bodies?

Reason I am curious about Powers is they could potentially be made cheaper if considered psionics. Jumper can fall under Teleportation (B257) and Clairsentience under ESP (B255-256) which would give each another -10% and open up the possibility of purchasing Talent for a +1 to rolls per 5 points. I guess buying up the Dreaming skill would be cheaper though, unless acquiring other psi in same category which did not default to Dreaming.

Since both have Uncontrollable / Unconscious Only, B254 comes to mind. It allows psi to be "potential advantages" (B33) which function as if they had these limitations. Rather than a -% subject to -80% cap it is a halving of final cost.

So it could potentially be...

-Potential Psionic Powers- (uncontrollable, unconscious only) total 172.5/2=86.25 rounding up to 87.

B42 (base 50+145%) Clairsentience (Requires Immediate Preparation 1 Hour -75%, skill roll is dreaming, only when sleeping -20%, cosmic +50%, Increased Range x2 Million +200%, ESP -10%) [122.5]

B64 (base 100-50%) Jumper (world, New worlds +50%, Naked -30%, skill roll is dreaming, only when sleeping -20%, requires Immediate Preparation 1 hour -75%, cosmic +50%, Drift -15%, Teleportation -10%) [50]

Clairsentience seemed a bit off in your initial total too, had not looked closely.

(35) Clairsentience (Requires Immediate Preparation 1 Hour -75%, skill roll is dreaming, only when sleeping -20%, Unconscious only -20%, uncontrollable -10%, cosmic +50%, Increased Range x2 Million +200%) [35]
200+50=250 enhancements
75+20+20+10=125 limitations
Total modifier +125% on 50 point ability would be 62.5 rounded to 63. Not sure how it came down to 35. Was range accurate?
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lost in dreams

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