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Default Re: wordbound NPCS and overdoing it

Originally Posted by PenitentDemon View Post
Hmmn the letters probaly under Judgement, but the act of privateering is probaly under the wind.

Oh the Angel of Patriotism is probaly a Malakim of the Sword and the demon of Jingoism is probaly a Habbahlite... Not sure if its under Factions or Baal

Oh another Thing? Who you think Halloween would be under?

Kobal? Nybass? Haagenti?Beleth? So many possibletys.
The last handful of decades has seen Halloween change (at least in North America) into a commercialized event with little-to-no connection with the sacred event that preceded All Saints' Day. Mass merchandising, tie-ins to the popular children's characters of the year, the push that you have to take part... all hallmarks of The Media, I'd say.

Not Beleth, not any more. It's a sanitized and kid-friendly event nowadays, with nightmares strictly prohibited.

EDIT: The Mexican "Day of the Dead", on the other hand, is all about family and respect for the dead. If we knew more about the Archangel of Death, I might put that holiday under his care... but, for now, I'd be tempted to give it to Novalis.
Rob Kelk
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Default Re: wordbound NPCS and overdoing it

Originally Posted by Phoenix42 View Post
Irrelevant to the discussion at hand, but since the Archangel asked, men in kilts bow slightly (unless before royalty, obviously), and make a slight back-step while crossing their legs and making a mock kneel, not unlike women curtseying. The foot movement is basically the same (both related to the bows/curtseys made in renaissance and baroque times), only you don't bend your knees as much as you would in a curtsey, instead using the momentum to bend over further than a curtseying woman would (or could, given cleavage of most baroque dresses - men, not hampered with such details, can theoretically bow as deeply as they like as long as they bend their knees appropriately to avoid their ...sporran... showing).
Also known as a "reverance" or "showing reverence" - also appears as one of the more elaborate ballet bows.
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theories, word-bound

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