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Default Grave goods and other reasons for mortals to have artifacts

Although mortals cannot use the Enchantment skill, they can take part in Enchantment rituals, and so pay the cp cost for items and/or end up as the actual owners of them.

This could be a major reason for the existence of gravegoods in In Nomine - powerful mortals commission Tokens to give them a bonus of up to +6 per Token on their efforts to anchor themselves to a Dreamscape when they die. Enchanters go along with this because they know they can steal the items later: given celestials and ethereals are immortal, creating an item you don't expect to use for a century is still a good use of time, especially when you don't need to pay for it.
On the flipside, having the mortal pay for a Corporeal artifact reduces the time needed, as they will have spent the time needed bonding the item...particularly useful if you are planning to pile Features on.

Ideally though, a mortal wouldn't actually own the item, merely pay for it. This can be done - ethically even - by providing a service for the mortal, rending a valued item indestructible, concealable or summonable. Thus a child's favourite toy could be rendered indestructible, but be owned by a Servitor of Dreams or Nightmares. The common presence of doors in dreams could be because of centuries of enchanting them for fortified buildings owned by mortals who paid the cp price for a super-fort: and now the creators use them in The Marches.

Given a Servant can have an additional 20 cp for an extra level of usefulness, enchanters can fuel their skill quite easily with a Servant: a very good use of points.
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