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Default Re: I Smell a Rat battle maps (spoilers)

Originally Posted by MIB.6361 View Post
If I were asked this, I'd shrug and say "I don't know. How could that happen?" and let them investigate further (if they really want to know) and maybe find out one of Merle's associates sealed him in as part of a grander plan.

This could lead into an adventure... hmmm call it Behind the Liche Door... were our intrepid heros have to discover who Merle's associates were and exactly why just killing Merle didn't stop their Evil Plan, which of course one of the true villains will have to monologue about, right before (or during) the final set piece battle.

What? Two Tv Tropes links. Mwahahahahaha!
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Default Re: I Smell a Rat battle maps (spoilers)

And if you don't like introducing anything new about it, you could just assume that Merle could've done it from the inside with magic. There has been some earth magic involved in making the dungeon after all.
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