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Old 10-19-2017, 12:21 PM   #11
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Default Re: No Arms?

I'm pretty sure te plan was to be a martial artist and kick people (and occasionally head butt them).

First session will be pre-gens, hopefully I can point him in other directions... If not we'll see.
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Default Re: No Arms?

I'd ask him if he would be interested in playing something like a Frellenti from Schlock Mercenary, or a sapient terror bird. That might make a cool exotic PC race for a Martial Artist. One Arm (for the beak and tongue) with Short Arm for a total of [-25] plus two Foot Manipulators, as well as Talons and probably a cutting or large piercing Striker for the beak. If more like a terror bird add Perfect Balance for the wing assisted stability.

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Default Re: No Arms?

There are a couple of good Martial Arts movies that cover this. The best one is Crippled Avengers a Shaw Brothers movie. I did see another 70's low budget Hong Kong martial arts movie using real handicapped martial artists. Their skill was impressive! Crippled Masters I believe was the name.
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