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Old 10-18-2017, 07:44 PM   #1
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Default Sprinting vs. Zoom wording issue

Minor inconsistency I just came across while rereading the Fighting chapter in Exploits:

The section on Sprinting says that you need to be "running forward" for more than one turn in order to get the sprinting bonus. In the "Zoom!" box, above, it says that you need to be "running in straight lines" in order to get the sprinting bonus. I assume the former is accurate, because it gives a specific example of how you can run in a wide circle by changing facing by one hex each move (which still counts as "forward").

I just want to clarify that you can change direction while sprinting as long as you meet the definition of "forward movement," right? Thus, a move 15 character could sprint in a circuit around the same hex six times per turn on the second and subsequent turns (move 15 + 3 sprint bonus = 18 hexes per turn).
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Default Re: Sprinting vs. Zoom wording issue

The way I read it, three-minute miles is a special case for sprinting in a straight line. Notice it also gives a +3 bonus for move 15, where the ordinary sprint rule gives +1 for all characters.
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