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Default Short initial look at the game

I've played two full games, both MKIII, one as attacker, one as defender.

* I facerolled the poor defender A.I. with my MKIII: everybody died, with only my main gun and a few tread units knocked out. Either the AI got some really bad rolls on initial tread attacks, or I am an Ogre God after dozens of years of not really playing.

* The human defense game was better; I'm no defensive genius, and, like I said, I haven't played in a long, long time. Game ended up with a stripped Ogre and 1 MSL and 1 GEV. But -- and I think this is an AI bug -- once I took down the last SEC on the Ogre, it just... stopped moving. If it were me, I would have used my 2MP remaining to make a beeline for the edge, and, thanks to wonky dice rolls, I would have made it. Instead, the poor beast just cowered there, and let my last two units pick it apart.

* Random dice note: as a human player, I rolled 84 times (many of those "junk" rolls when the Ogre refused to try to escape) with an average of 3.48. The Ogre got 29 rolls... with an average of 3.48.(!)
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