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Default Re: Trying to make Black Widow

Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
Again, the super-soldier program that comics!Nat is a recipient of was a relatively recent retcon in order to keep her WWII appearances (remembered by both Steve Rogers during the Pacific campaigns prior to his final fateful mission in Europe - itself a retcon from Avengers v1 #4 - and Wolverine, who at the time was apparently Canadian special forces, though Logan's own memory of the era is questionable) viable in the sliding time scale instead of merely topical. Mind, the tales with Wolverine and an infant Natasha Romanoff were written almost two decades ('80s and '90s) before they wrote Wolverine: Origins, so I'm not sure how much survived the Quesada era.
This kind of thing is what inspired a friend and me to co-GM the DC Realtime campaign a decade or two ago, with DC characters beginning their careers in the years when they were first published (or something displaced form it in a comic-booky way, such as the Legion of Super Heroes starting ca. 2960). He talked about doing a Marvel Realtime, and I rather wish he had.
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Default Re: Trying to make Black Widow

Originally Posted by TimTimmy View Post
I don't want to be "That guy" but figuring out Gurps combat is really hard. I have no idea what the damage is. What's a good Martial art? I want a good attack, and some dodge. Bonus points for telling me the damage for a str 12, dex 14 char.

I think the best way to answer this is find out what your black widow is going to be going up against and what you want those fights to look like.

So for instance take the hallway fight scene in Ironman 2, if you and your GM are looking to emulate that and stat the Security guards as being ST/HP/DX 11, Skill 13

Then yep we can help build character that will look like that fight scene.

If however you want her to also look exactly like that when fighting a bunch opponents with ST/HP/DX 20, skill 25 and whole bunch "of keep em fighting" advantages, then that's different

(but I'm sure people can help you with that as well)
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Default Re: Trying to make Black Widow

While people often focus on Widow's combat skills, they also tend to forget that she's a master manipulator, infiltrator, and double agent. In the movies (and referenced in Agents of SHIELD), she has a lifetime's training in "becoming the mask", is able to fool a former Soviet general and Loki into divulging critical information by appearing to be in a position of weakness when she was in control the whole time, and is possibly able to defeat SHIELD/Hydra-quality lie detector tests that were designed to beat her (AoS S1 was ambiguous on that last point).

To this end, I highly recommend giving her Acting and Body Language at 16+, bolstered by a high Per score and the other skills from the Smooth Operator talent. She is as much a Face character as she is a Scrapper.

I built her with an eye towards the female Russian agent (played by Barbara Bach) in The Spy Who Loved Me (one of Roger Moore's James Bond films): able to kick ass, look good doing it, plow through mooks, fight those of her own caliber to a standstill, and manipulate everyone around her into giving up crucial information.
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The GURPS Marvel Universe Reboot Project and its not-a-wiki-really web adaptation.
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