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Default Advice sought for fleshing out a major villian

Hello Folks,
The campaign I'm running is essentially a GURPSification of NIGHT CITY from CP2020.

Recently, the hero of the story (Using FG2 to run this), got involved by heading over to the Afterlife bar, which serves as a sort of recruiting hall for mercenaries. Long story short, the player couldn't muster enough bodies for the jobs being offered at the time, and jumped at a job that he thought he could handle where it required a security detail - one that reputable mercenaries ALL turned down.

So, the first mission was one where he had to bodyguard a scientist who was engaged in illegal scientific research on humans. He infected them with a tailored plague while disguising his research as petroleum based research for genetically enhancing algae to produce a high energy plant based oil substitute.

Long story short, the player is now discovering that his employee, is not a good man, and that he has fingers in pies that involve treachery, greed, and human misery. An individual who assesses people like a profiler would, said "he's a psychopath who hasn't personally killed anyone - yet". That this man is also a multi-millionaire tycoon is a sign that the man is ruthless.

So, here is the problem. Eventually, I'm going to want to detail the Psychopath's organization and how he works to increase his profits. "Anything for a buck" would be the motto this man lives by.

So, ideas? Thoughts? Ways to make this into a major league MEMORABLE villian without spilling the beans up front?

I think that a few missions that seemingly have nothing to do with the Tycoon will eventually get tied in. Perhaps eventually, a set of "books" that detail the earnings of these criminal enterprises, or perhaps mercenary work that demolished certain businesses or opportunities, would eventually be traced back to the Tycoon.

There is Moral

And finally, there is Amoral.

Our tycoon is the latter. It isn't that he constantly does evil per se, it is just that he does both Good and Evil and doesn't care. He just knows enough to hide his "highly profitable options" because that also brings down a lot of people trying to shut down his profit making venture. He could just as easily be financing robotic research for rescue robots, and just as easily finance illegal medical experimentation. He could also just as easily hire a geneticist to create experimental genetically altered humans, and not bat an eye when these artificial constructs die still born, or worse yet, survive, but at a horrendous cost.

Think Cyberpunk meets Biopunk if you will.

THoughts, ideas, suggestions?
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