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Default Other Groups

As it seems possible that some of the groups might get cut due to being too dated, I thought that it might be worthwhile having a thread to put forth some suggestions for groups to put in instead.

Some groups that exist in the game currently:

Overnight Delivery Services (and give them an extra bonus to destroy the post office).
Reality Shows (and as much as I want don't want to admit it, they're even more prevalent now than they were - and might even deserve another arrow).
Coffee Shops (probably needs an outgoing arrow and a higher income).

One that still cracks me up every time I see the illustration that I'm going to advocate for including is Kiddie TV. (Bjorne!)

Warehouse 23 seems like it would make a spiffy candidate for a promo card (and you might even consider replacing The Men in Black with another card so it also can be used as a promo card).

A couple that doesn't exist, but might be worth considering are Health Care Insurers (be sure to use Gold Cross in the illustration) and Social Media.
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