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Default Questions about multiplayer, cons, etc

I've been running Ogre events at local cons and sci-fi club game days for several years, and I'm enthusiastic about the new video game version. Apologies if some of these questions are a bit basic; I bought the game and got it installed over lunch, but have not had time to play a game yet. I've got a club game night tonight I'll be putting Ogre up on the projector, and then will be running a small college convention this weekend...

* Are there hotseat options for more than 2 players? Particularly obvious choices would be the two Mk. III attack, which is ideal for 3 players, or a 4 Ogres, 4 map corners Ogre Duel; but all I saw in a quick look was 2 player.

* Not relevant yet due to timing, but is is not possible to play a custom / Workshop map in hotseat? I didn't see an obvious way to do this. Going forward, maps based on local terrain are popular for conventions.

* Does it have an "attract" / "kiosk" mode that it will either drop into on its own, or I can set it for, if it goes unattended for a bit between games?

* Is there a (legal) way to have multiple copies other than multiple Steam accounts, which is frowned on? Normally I'd pick up another copy on GoG or something so that we could have multiple games running, but that doesn't seem to be an option here.

* Does hotseat play require a network connection?

* Are there LAN play options yet? (ISTR someone saying not yet, but checking). For larger events I sometimes set up a small LAN for Bridge Sim gaming (Artemis, Empty Epsilon, etc.) which we could also use for Ogre if it supported it.

If anyone is near Blacksburg, Virginia, USA this weekend, feel free to come out to Invisifest (Fri. 10/6, 6p-10p; Sat. 10/7, noon-10p; New Classroom Building, Virginia Tech); it's free and we'll have both cardboard and electronic Ogre featured.
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