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Default Non-English Releases

Is there a list of non-English releases somewhere?

I have been looking and have not located one. So, I started to compile one.

Munchkin Core (Fantasy) Game and initial expansions only. Distributor, when known, is provided.

Please help to fill in any gaps as I am sure to have missed several.

Munchkin Core Set
Munchkin [Brazilian; Galápagos Jogos]
Munchkin [Chinese; ???]
Munchkin [Czech; ADC Blackfire Entertainment]
Munchkin [Dutch; PS-Games]
Munchkin [Finnish; Fantasiapelit]
Munchkin [French; Edge Entertainment, Ubik]
Munchkin [German; Pegasus Spiele]
Munchkin [Greek; Kaissa Chess & Games]
Munchkin [Hebrew; Silver Stars Publishing]
Munchkin [Hungarian; Delta Vision Publishing]
Munchkin [Polish; Black Monk, Kuźnia Gier, Q-Workshop]
Munchkin [Portuguese; Devir]
Munchkin [Russian; Hobby World, Smart Ltd]
Munchkin [Spanish; Edge Entertainment]
Munchkin [Turkish; NeoTroy Games]
Munchkin [Ukrainian; ТРЕТЯ ПЛАНЕТА]

Munchkin 2
Munchkin 2 (מנצ'קין 2: הגרזן העל טבעי) [Hebrew; Silver Starts Publishing]
Munchkin 2: Abartige Axt [German; Pegasus Spiele]
Munchkin 2: De Zwakken Geslacht [Dutch; PS-Games]
Munchkin 2: Fajtalan fejsze [Hungarian; Delta Vision Publishing]
Munchkin 2: Hacha Descomunal [Spanish; Edge Entertainment]
Munchkin 2: Hachement mieux! [French; Edge Entertainment, Ubik]
Munchkin 2: Machado Descomunal [Portuguese; Galápagos Jogos]
Munchkin 2: Wielosieczny topór [Polish; Black Monk]
Munchkin 2: Αφύσικο τσεκούρι [Greek; Kaissa Chess & Games]
Манчкин 2: Дикий Топор [Russian; Hobby World, Smart Ltd]
小白世紀2 反常斧頭篇 [Chinese; ???]

Munchkin 3
Munchkin 3 (מנצ'קין 3: תיקול כוהני) [Hebrew; HaKubia]
Munchkin 3: Beschwörungsfehler [German; Pegasus Spiele]
Munchkin 3: Clerc et pas Net [French; Edge Entertainment, Ubik]
Munchkin 3: De Onfortuynlijke Theoloog [Dutch; PS-Games]
Munchkin 3: Erros Cléricos [Portuguese; Galápagos Jogos]
Munchkin 3: Kardynalne błędy [Polish; Black Monk]
Munchkin 3: Papi baki [Hungarian; Delta Vision Publishing]
Munchkin 3: Pifias Clericales [Spanish; Edge Entertainment]
Munchkin 3: Μοιραία Λάθη [Greek; Kaissa Chess & Games]
Манчкин 3: Клирические Ошибки [Russian; Hobby World, Smart Ltd]
小白世紀 3 牧師失誤篇 [Chinese; Wargames Club Publishing]

Munchkin 4
Munchkin 4 (מנצ'קין 4: רכיבה בוהמית) [Hebrew; HaKubia]
Munchkin 4: ¡Qué locura de montura! [Spanish; Edge Entertainment]
Munchkin 4: Blij Dat Ik Rij [Dutch; PS-Games]
Munchkin 4: Destri Destrieri [Italian; Raven Distribution]
Munchkin 4: Dobj egy hátast [Hungarian; Delta Vision Publishing]
Munchkin 4: Montaria Arredia! [Portuguese; Galápagos Jogos]
Munchkin 4: Rasende Rösser [German; Pegasus Spiele]
Munchkin 4: Rumaki do Paki [Polish; Black Monk]
Munchkin 4: Ton destin est sellé! [French; Ubik]
Munchkin 4: Βαστάζοι & Υποζύγια [Greek; Kaissa Chess & Games]
Манчкин 4: Тяга к Коняге [Russian; Hobby World, Smart Ltd]

Munchkin 5
Munchkin 5: Exploradores Explotadores [Spanish; Edge Entertainment]
Munchkin 5: In-Domável [Portuguese; Galápagos Jogos]
Munchkin 5: Łowcy Głów [Polish; Black Monk]
Munchkin 5: On zeu rôde again [French; Edge Entertainment]
Munchkin 5: Vadító vadirtó [Hungarian; Delta Vision Publishing]
Munchkin 5: Vedle jak ta jedle [Czech; ADC Blackfire Entertainment]
Munchkin 5: Wirre Waldläufer [German; Pegasus Spiele]
Munchkin 5: Δαμάζοντας τα τέρατα [Greek; Kaissa Chess & Games]
Манчкин 5: Следопуты [Russian; Hobby World]

Munchkin 6
Munchkin 6 Μπουντρούμια της Τρέλας [Greek; Kaissa Chess & Games]
Munchkin 6: Dungeon Demente [Portuguese; Galápagos Jogos]
Munchkin 6: Durchgeknallte Dungeons [German; Pegasus Spiele]
Munchkin 6: Le Donjon de la farce [French; Edge Entertainment]
Munchkin 6: Mazmorras Majaretas [Spanish; Edge Entertainment]
Munchkin 6: Opętane Lochy [Polish; Black Monk]
Munchkin: Big-Box + Ujeté jeskyně [Czech; ADC Blackfire Entertainment]
Манчкин 6: Безбашенные подземелья [Russian; Hobby World]

Munchkin 7
Munchkin 7: Mit beiden Händen schummeln [German; Pegasus Spiele]
Munchkin 7: Oh le Gros Tricheuuuuuuuur! [French; Edge Entertainment]
Munchkin 7: Švindluj obouruč [Czech; ADC Blackfire Entertainment]
Munchkin 7: Trampas a Dos Manos [Spanish; Edge Entertainment]
Манчкин 7: Двуручный чит [Russian; Hobby World]

Munchkin 8
Munchkin 8: Centaure et Sans Reproche [French; Edge Entertainment]
Munchkin 8: Centauros de la Mazmorra [Spanish; Edge Entertainment]
Munchkin 8: Echsenmenschen & Zentauren [German; Pegasus Spiele]
Munchkin 8: Půlkůň jede [Czech; ADC Blackfire Entertainment]
Munchkin 8: Purosangue Mezzosangue [Italian; Raven Distribution]
Манчкин 8: В хвост и в гриву [Russian; Hobby World]
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