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Default Re: DF Implied Cosmology

The concept that I have is that the creation from nothing or chaos by the gods uses an energy. Mana is the residual energy of this creation that mortals can access. This is the energy of transformation. Druidic energy is the energy that created life from the unliving creation. Clerical magic is energy bestowed by the gods to clerics. Psionics are alien powers that the Elder Things use is mundane that is different from mana which is spiritual energy. Psionic power can be generated by accessing higher dimensions of creation.

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Default Re: DF Implied Cosmology

Originally Posted by b-dog View Post
I always envisioned Elder Things as the true nature of reality. Maybe when the gods made creation Elder Things were part of the primordial soup that formed creation.
I also proposed something like that, and it links with what we find in the GURPS 4E Fantasy book under the section on Primordial Entities (p. 56 ). (1)

In this way, reality per se is the unmanifest and "extradimensional" (there would be some nuances to do here, however), while "phenomenic existence" is the creation, and it derives from the Primordial Entity or Entities like Ymir, Tiamat, Rahab, Purusha, and others according to different cultures.

Since the unmanifest and the non-being —as the upper chaos & darkness (2)— conveys the denial and obliteration of "reality" (in the sense of existence or creation) the way creatures conceive and value it, as life, desires, and all sorts of cherished mental concepts, many times it's portrayed as "monstrous and dreadful divinities" which in form, can be just indistinguishable from "demons" (3) —these latter usually referring to the lower darkness (I already mentioned these terms in the first link here). An example of such dreadful divinities of the transcendent unmanifest & non-being is the Hindu Kali.

(1) This is "fluff", not rules.
(2) Cf. "Whose chaos is this, anyway", in GURPS 3E Religion, p. 138. Again, it's not about rules.
(3) Fitting with this observation:
Originally Posted by martinl View Post
For the purposes of many delvers, "Things" (team Squid) are barely discernible from "Demons" (team Evil).
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