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Default Delimiting Cross/Supported Parry

MA121 has the major drawback of preventing further parries with the limbs/weapons in the turn. Presumably if you only have two arms this would limit you to a leg parry and an anti-grappling parry if torso is targeted.

Not a major handicap for those with low stats but crippling at high skill levels. I want to design an advantage which removes this limit so you can keep parrying after using either.

Considering Enhanced Parry is 5 for one weapon, 10 for all, and Supported Parry adds +1 the cost would probably be a guideline. Two things to observe

1) special benefit: parry as if you had a two handed weapon (not sure what this means except maybe double The max weight?)

2) special drawback: both parries are expended for each arm (so -4 as usual if you go a second time)

To me it seems like 2 more than balances out 1. To the point where I would think it should cost less than 10 for this. Not sure to what degree.

Delimiting cross parry is harder to price. For +2 we are looking at 10 for one weapon, 20 points for all Enhanced Parry as baseline.

1) parry double BL instead of BL (like Supported)

2) uses up a parry from both hands (like Supported)

3) combine weight for antibreakage

4) can stop flail and kusari

5) critical miss affects both limbs/weapons instead of just the one being supported.

Wondering if maybe a technique is the way to go here.
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