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Default Re: Sweet heaven is this well written.

I just opened my box last night (I moved across the country a month ago and my DFRPG showed up the day after I left the East Coast).

I've been critical of the tone of GURPS DF in the past, and I was slightly concerned it was going to be repeated in DFRPG. I'm so relieved and happy that the tone is, by and large, a lot more straightforwardly "insider" than its original incarnation. There is still talk of munchkinism and silliness, but overall the text takes the genre a lot more seriously than it might have done. It doesn't talk down to its audience and it doesn't (however inadvertently and unintentionally - I'm not a post-modernist by any stretch of the imagination and so I strive to take authorial intent at face value) dismiss the enjoyment of the style as childish, which is something I detected throughout the GURPS DF series.

DFRPG just may be the game I've always wanted. I'm hopeful that it does really well in retail and gets a chance to spread its wings.
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