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Default Hilariously awful campaign idea!

So, we played the latest session of Facets, last night, and a friend Rebecca made during her summer as a dancer with the drum & bugle corps decided to try out the game.

Elisa is a 20-year-old extroverted college student who twirls heavy rifles like a boss, in the d&b corps. She and Rebecca were seat-partners on the bus as they traveled from competition to competition, across the United States.

So, Elisa wanted to try out the RPG scene and we gave her Jimmy Ehrland to play, as he's the designated PC for guest players. Elisa liked the game so much that, by the end, she had come up with her own campaign idea, which Rebecca found delightful.

I would never set this up, but it was so funny I had to share it.

Campaign Idea: B***h Girls

The players take the roles of girls who attend a typical large suburban high school, as they compete ruthlessly for cute boyfriends (or girlfriends) and navigate the hazards of cliques and weekend parties as they fight and scratch for social prominence.

Example villains:
-Betty, who shows up at parties dressed in exactly the same outfit as a PC girl who is already there.
-Sally, who goes completely berserk if ever she sees her man talking to a PC girl.
-The girl who always goes after boys who are already with a PC girl.

Rules to include special attack techiques for tearing out earrings, or snatching out handfuls of a hair weave (with a special crit fail result that means the attacker's bracelet gets tangled in her own weave and she accidentally rips out a part of it, instead...).

The advantage Rapier Wit is highly recommended, of course, and Bill Stoddard's Social Engineering rules play a key role in nearly every aspect of the campaign. In addition to the weekend parties, scenarios take place in the school hallway, school cafeteria, and the all-important shopping mall.

I'd say Elisa's got a pretty good idea of what table-top RPGs are all about. :)
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