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Default Re: Contribute Something For Yrth


These are nobles with an urban instead of rural base. Depending on local custom they often have no prejudice against being in trade making a merge with powerful merchants a matter of generation, or of a given House's strategy(one House for instance might be more a political House then another but in this town it is just because it's chief preferred that) rather then then class.

Tribal organization of Muslim towns: It is common in Muslim towns to have a different parts allocated to tribes. In some cases a tribe had it's town section of wall to defend when the city was besieged(actually that is a pretty good idea; the warriors will know each other and on defense the commander won't be tempted to put his own tribe's interest above the city's as the best way to save his own people's live's is also to remain in place). The result is often labyrinthine cities produced because no one wants strangers to be to comfortable and everyone wants the neighborhood organized by their peculiarities. Counterparts to this can be found in Christian towns as indeed in real life; the above mentioned Alberghi partake of this, as does the practice in Venice of using Churches as ward capital's.

Speaking of which, synagogues in the Middle Ages were often the political as well as the religious center of Jewry. The Rabbi would represent his congregation to the gentile prince with whom he had what was effectively a feudal treaty. Local judiciary authority was handled within. This uneasy but convenient relation was made possible by the fact that gentile princes liked the Jews money even when they sometimes felt a need to flatter their superstitious commoners to give them someone to blame for their oppressions(when the decision went the other direction the Jews went to find another prince to make a treaty with, most famously when the Spanish Jews went to Turkey). An example of the way this worked out is a law that any Jew about to make a journey must post it on the bulletin board so that any potential plantiffs can catch him.

Travellers: Aside from Pastoral Nomads, there could also be tribes of Craft Nomads or Commercial ones. The later would be similar to ordinary merchants except without a home base.

Ship-fyrd: coastal cities may be responsible for providing a given amount of ships to their overlord as part of their charter. Similarly by the way, sappers can be provided by cities as part of their charter.
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