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Default Re: It's shipping!

Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post
Phil Reed's answer for Australia applies equally to all non-European KS backers and to all those waiting for the DFRPG to enter the normal distribution channels for retail sale, since all of those copies are processed through the primary warehouse. This means that the KS backers will see them shipping in the next couple weeks, which is when the distributors will start to get them. From there it'll be a few weeks or a month until retailers get them.
I'm in non-Europe?
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Default Re: It's shipping!

Originally Posted by Žorkell View Post
I'm in non-Europe?
You said you were waiting to buy, which would mean you're waiting for the game to get in stock at either Warehouse23 or through distributors and then retailers, which puts you in the same boat as non-European KS backers.

The European KS backers are going to be shipped through the KS partner in Europe, who I believe either has the shipment or will shortly and can start shipping.

Basically, US KS backers have all been shipped. EU KS backers will ship shortly from the EU partner. Non-EU KS backers and distributors/retailers are waiting on the main warehouse to get, process, and then ship from the US, which means it will take several to many weeks to get to the backers and (especially) to get through the distributor chain and into non-US Retail stores.
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