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Default The case for Elder Things living in the Prime Material Plane

When the gods created the universe from chaos there were beings that dwelled there long before. This beings were the Elder Things and they hid within creation in the darkest corners of space and time. While the gods created the sun, the moon and the earth for humanity the Elder Things created their children in the universe. These children were alien to the world of humanity. They understood different aspects of the creation and developed strange technology or powers to travel from other planets toward the earth. Some laid eggs in the earth and waited for their children to develop. Huge work with tentacles surrounding their mouth burrowed deep in the earth. Others crashed into the earth from meteor eggs. Other could fly to earth with strange wings that could fly in space. Some wanted just to mine strange minerals others wanted to eat sentient beings and steal their conscioness. In all these beings were mundane with no spiritual power like magic and they did not live on spiritual planes like the Divine or Infernal or Fairy. They were just resided in the mundane creation that was formed from the chaos where they always existed. They exist in other dimensions of creation and occasionally enter into the dimension of humanity. Elder Things are have high resistance to magic because magic is a spiritual force and Elder Things are entirely mundane. Magic can't open gates to the dimensions of Elder Things because gates are for opening different spiritual realms. Psionics is needed to open the dimensions of Elder Things. These are some thoughts...
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