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Default Racing Design Guidelines

I ran a racing event last week at a convention.
I had some interesting results and feedback of what worked, what didn't and what worked too well:
Turrets: worked great. The player can choose to shoot whenever, at whatever

Didn't work:
Front and back mounted weapons: players had to wait, often a while, before they could bring weapons to bear

Worked too well:
Twin linked HMGs with HD ammo: Two cars died in the 2nd turn after trading back to back twin salvos. One car was breached from right to left. 4D6 of damage per second is too high for a race car.
Spoiler, airdam, HD shocks: Not a single car ever had to roll on the control table, even once. Granted, if the game lasted more than 2-4 turns, maybe they would have gotten into a little bit of peril.

Drive offensively.

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