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Default Bosch's WTT/WTT/WTS Thread

Yes, a bit of everything! Trades are highly preferred, but I am willing to entertain cash offers in either direction through Paypal.

Available for Trade/Sale:
Loose Cards - I've merged the lists together. If no source is listed, then it's a Promo.
...Of Smiting!
...With Lots of Lovely Loot [Loot Letter]
Action Cat and Adventure Bug
Alchemist [Pathfinder GAE misprint]
Attic [Warehouse 23 Booster]
Axe Cop (no signature)
Bear Grills
Boo Fu [Warehouse 23 Booster]
Bum Steer [Warehouse 23 Booster]
Cash Cow
Crane Kung Fu [Munchkin Fu 2 misprint]
Curse! Shadowcat!
Curse! Shattered! (x3)
Disaster! Alpacalypse!
Disaster! Duck Season! (x2)
Duck in Black
Embrace the Madness (black Munchkin icon and URL)
Feet Cheat
Flash Gorgon
Frankenstein's Mobster
Friendship Potion (for Munchkin Panic) (x2)
Game Mechanic (x4)
Ghost Hands (x2)
Goblin Dog [Pathfinder GAE misprint]
Grass Sword
Grin and Tonic
Grouching Tiger
Hello Carrier (x2)
Hipster Hireling
Hireling: Man at Arms [GTM]
Hostile Jester
Igor Ichor
Jawbone Radio (x2)
Jobs Goblin (x2)
Laser-Sighted [Warehouse 23 booster]
Lie To Your Own Webcam (x2)
Lovecraft Fan Fiction Collection
Man in the Moon
Mistakenly Modified Moop!
Mook: Hidden Muskrat (x2)
Motivational Posters [Axe Cop extra]
Mourning Star (x2)
Outwit Tio Rico (x3)
Pegasus Steed (Promo, color)
Pegasus Steed [Warehouse 23 booster]
Penetrate Alien Disguise
Peter Parker
Phlegm Fatale
Pitcher of Cheap Beer (x2)
Professor Tesla's Electrical Protective Device (Pat. Pending) (Steampunk) (x5)
Pumpkin King (x5)
Research Assistant (green Munchkin icon and no URL)
Richard (x3)
Sand Witch
Seasoned Greeplings (x4)
Sharkophagus [Vending Machine]
Ship to My Loo (x2)
Sidekick: Space Family Peralta
Start a Munchkin Legend (x2)
Step-And-a-Half [Munchkin Dice or Reloaded extra]
The Stars are Cruel (green Munchkin Icon and no URL; Promo back)
Tractor Beam [Warehouse 23 booster]
Trap! Panic! (x5)
Trapped Chest [Warehouse 23 booster]
Twisp & Catsby
Underwater HQ [Warehouse 23 booster]
Unholy Cow (x2)
Wandering [Warehouse 23 booster]
Warehouse 23 (oversized Dungeon) (x3)
Weirdly Bearded [Monster Box]
Whim of the Elder Gods (x2)
Wind Lass
Zombie Santa (x2)

The Official #playmunchkin Bookmark! (Color back, square corners) (x3)
The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Adventure Time
The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Boom and Bust! (x3)
The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Braaaaaaaaains! (2012 version) (x4)
The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Dark Vileness! (2014 version)
The Official Munchkin Bookmark of H.A.M.M.E.R. (x3)
The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Holiday Cheer!
The Official Munchkin Bookmark of HYDRA! (x4)
The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Retroactive Continuity!
The Official Munchkin Bookmark of S.H.I.E.L.D. (x5)
The Official Munchkin Cheesy Promotional Bookmark of Power! (2011 version)
The Official Munchkin Cthulhu GAE Bookmark of the Advantageous Appendage! (Version 4)
The Official Munchkin Impossible Bookmark of Her Majesty's Secret Circus (2012 version) (x4)
The Official Munchkin Legends Bookmark of Hidden Lore!
The Official Munchkin Pathfinder Bookmark of Goblin Turkeys!
The Official Munchkin Princesses Bookmark of Monarchal Misrule!
The Official Munchkin Smash Up Bookmark of Smashing Success!
The Official Munchkin Starfinder Bookmark of Gaming the Solar System!
The Official Munchkin Steampunk Bookmark of Reckless Re-engineering!
The Official Munchkin Treasure Hunt Bookmark of Ultimate Magic! (x3)
The Official Super Munchkin GAE Bookmark of the Universal Reboot! (x2)

Other Items
Lampooned comic book and card (x3)
Ecology of the Floating Nose comic book and card (x3)
Munchkin Tattoos (2015 version)
Gold Coin: Munchkin Quest
Green Coin: Cthulhu/Zombie Dice
Silver Coin: 2011 Sparkly Good Fairy (x2)
Silver Coin: 2012 Axe Cop (x2)
Silver Coin: 2013 Duck of Doom (x2)
Silver Coin: 2014 Apocalypse Seal (x3)
Pack of Bookmarks and Cards from a Monster Box (unopened) (x2)
Pack of Holiday Cards from a Monster Box (unopened)
Pack of Cards from the Jolly Jumbo D6: Green
Pack of Cards from the Jolly Jumbo D6: Red

Retail Items
Apocalypse Guest Artist Edition (sealed)
Apocalypse 2 Guest Artist Edition (sealed)
Shakespeare Colouring Book
Legends (cards only)
Adventure Time 2: It's a Dungeon Crawl! (sealed)
Puppies (sealed)
Conan the Barbarian (sealed)
Gobsmacked! (sealed)
Kobolds Ate My Baby! (sealed)
Fairy Dust Dice (cards only)
Santa's Revenge (cards only)
Reloaded (cards only)
Monster Enhancers (cards only)
Waiting for Santa (cards only, non-foil)
Naughty & Nice (cards only)
Fairy Dust (cards only, non-foil)
Skullkickers (cards only)
The Guild (cards only)
Penny Arcade (cards only)
Tricky Treats (cards only)
Gets Promoted (cards only)

Needed Items
I'm focusing on accessories for now. I've missed a few through the years. Some are even in-print. They don't have to be new in box, but all *must* include any cards!
Retail Items
+6 Bag of Level Counters 1
+6 Bag of Level Counters 2
Jumbo D6: Red
Level Counter (Miniature)
Munchkin Master's Screen
Munchkin Miniatures (complete)
Munchkin Monster Guide
Munchkin Monster Guide 2.5
Munchkin Player's Handbook
Star Munchkin RPG

Promo Items
+10 to Monster
Behind Door Number 3
Chrome Dome (Vending Machine)
Conan Helps Out
Draw 2 Treasures! (Wonderland)
Eat Santa's Cookies
Evil Stevie Changes the Rules
Hireling: Cavalry Captain
John Kovalic Draws a Wandering Monster
Made in Hong Kong
Nativity Scene
Nexus Demon
Play a "Go Up a Level" Card
Potion of Ridiculous Luck (Vending Machine)
Rescue Conan!
The Big Red God, etc.
The Gun
The Whisperers (torso)
I am not interested in bookmarks or other promo items right now.

I need all the 19mm capsule machine dice, the 16mm Green and Pink Warehouse 23 exclusives, and all of the Warehouse 23 and promotional D10s. I desperately need the Jumbo D6 in red, and am very open to offers!

Foreign Editions
Munchkin Wurfel (with tin)
I'm not interested in any other non-American items. Got to draw the line somewhere...for now.
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Default Re: Bosch's WTT/WTT/WTS Thread

Sent a PM!
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Default Re: Bosch's WTT/WTT/WTS Thread

Flash update: I'll trade my extra, unsigned Bookmark of Firsties for someone else's extra, unsigned Bookmark of Rocket Around the Christmas Tree.

This offer is now closed. Thank you! The Bookmark of Firsties is still available.
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Default Re: Bosch's WTT/WTT/WTS Thread

PM sent. Thanks for the offer.
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