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Default Semi-Aquatic and other seal anatomy issues

I'm statting up my own version of the selkie and also planning to design a martial art for them. However, I have some questions.

First off, Basic Set says under No Legs: Semi-Aquatic that:
You suffer standard
skill penalties in the water.
What exactly are the penalties it's referring to? I can't find any mention of them elsewhere, unless it just means to underwater combat penalties. If that's the case, would the special rules for underwater combat for Amphibious and Aquatic characters in Martial Arts - Yrth Fighting Styles not be applicable for Semi-Aquatic characters? On a similar note, should they really suffer the same penalties as Legless in underwater close combat? The fact there were no notes saying otherwise in Martial Arts suggests that, but it doesn't seem right.

Second, the selkie in Fantasy has Horizontal in addition to NFM and Semi-Aquatic. But, I'm concerned this seems like double dipping. With those other two traits, how exactly does Horizontal limit a seal's capabilities more?

And then there's an issue related to defining a seal's fore-flippers. Since real life seals actually do use the claws on their fore-flippers in defense, I want the selkie's fore-flippers to have striking capability. However, a Striker doesn't seem right, seeing as it parries as a weapon. Are there any rules for this sort of forelimb? I'm also uncertain as to whether a seal would qualify for Claws of some sort, either Blunt or Sharp.

Please help me figure this out. Thanks.
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Default Re: Semi-Aquatic and other seal anatomy issues

A seal could use a "punch" as long as it doesn't have a disadvantage to the contrary. I don't think flippers rate anything more. If you need more, then yes, claws are your next option

Underwater skill penalties are implied in gurps (The GM comes up with them as he sees fit) ... unless you have a rather specific pyramid issue called "Underwater Adventures" (pyramid 3/26). Even then its rather sparse, but a decent base to go off of.
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Default Re: Semi-Aquatic and other seal anatomy issues

Thanks. Does anyone have any input on the Semi-Aquatic trait and how it relates to underwater combat and/or the Horizontal disadvantage?
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