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Tom H.
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Default First Impressions

I received my copy of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game yesterday Sat. 16, 2017 and wanted to share my first impressions and excitement.

Obviously after more inspection, a full review may change, but its hard to contain my comments to later.

(You can also leave your first impressions in this thread if you think it's an appropriate place.)

The development of this game was a long time coming, and there were so many directions that could have led to a final singular outcome. There were so many opinions being shared on the forums and doubtless within the company.

I'm sure that I won't be satisfied with every decision made, but I reminded of a David Letterman feature where they would raise the curtain and ask, "Is This Anything?" The answer for the DFRPG is that it is definitely something!

There is a unique, original, and somewhat epic quality about this product.

Because some existing Dungeon Fantasy material can tend toward more dense formatting and content, I was very relieved to see that the books inside were clear, easy to read, and provided an introductory guidance that was crucial to this product.

The most interesting aspect was how the content resisted (for better or worse) the introductory simplification of rules in many boxed sets. This is no-holds-barred GURPS directed at a single genre.

So it seems a bit refreshing that this product solidified its own identity against many competing goals.

If this item wins awards or sets a standard, it will be because it provides a thorough, rules-centric approach to covering all the basic aspects of putting players, characters, and GMs through the hobby.

In the current roleplaying milieu where narrative seems to trump mechanics, the DFRPG seems to reinforce that rules and mechanics are the tools that initially separated this hobby from other forms of fiction, acting, and creativity.

It'll be very interesting to see how this game is received long term (and I'll be including myself in that anticipation.)

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