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Default Re: Shapeshifting gone for good??

Originally Posted by scc View Post
I believe that one of the books says that such abilities aren't included in DFRPG because because GURPS uses point costs for such things, but as DFRPG doesn't include point costs for such critters it kinda hard to do.
Not the same thing. A good way to make sure everything is relatively sane is (for example) to have the list from DF Allies and say "You can only pick from these written-up forms." No "I want to shapeshift into $arbitraryAnimal", a set list of "These are druid forms."

WOW Druids only have access to a limited set of forms, and I have to say I still found it a barrel of fun, even from launch day back when shapeshifting Druids were sorely neglected by the development team.
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