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Default Extremity Strikers

Martial Arts has the "limb" limitation for Strikers, used for allowing shin kicks/jams to follow weapon rules.

Campaigns defines arms/legs as limbs and hands/feet as extremities.

So analogous to shin I figure you could get Striker: Forearm and do a "forearm punch" similar to a "shin kick"

But is there any limitation: extremity for getting hand or foot as striker?
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Default Re: Extremity Strikers

I think the Limb limitation means a single strike can cripple both a limb and the Striker (usually, you'd have to choose between targeting your foe's weapon arm and his backup Striker weapon). Allowing the Striker to be crippled by targeting the hand - which is typically less armored and takes less damage to cripple - is a bit more of a Limitation than having to target the arm, but I don't think by a lot. A further -5% may suffice.
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Default Re: Extremity Strikers

It's non canon, but I've been playing strikers as accessory/signature gear. Depending on the campaign, they can be either equipment you always carry or permanently attached.

As gear, the cost is for what they would be as a weapon of the same type, so you have more flexibility in what you can buy (whips/chains for example). Other advantages already exist to cover other aspects - If you can conceal it, get enough payload (striker only). If you want one that doesn't take up a limb when used, get an extra arm (weapon mount).

In my experience it's balanced for a given campaign since it competes with what you purchase as equipment/technology (cost based cyborg? gadget spring knife?) or do with advantages (point based cyborg? gunslinger with a signature derringer hideaway?) that you could otherwise purchase.

I also assume any striker will be good for normal parries but opponents can target whatever it's attached to. Also, critical failures result in a malfunction or worse if you can't drop it.
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