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Default [RPM] [Advice] Egyptian Magic - Lesser/Greater Split

I need some advice, I'm a little stumped.
I've been working on an Egyptian magic variation of Ritual Path Magic, but I'm having trouble deciding what the Lesser/Greater split should be.
(If you're curious, the Paths I chose are: the Sky (gasses/air, thought), the River (spirits, water/liquids), the Earth (solid matter, life), the Sun (fire/energy, passions/emotions), Duat (death, travel, dimensions), Sekhem (magic itself), and Ma'at (order, truth, divination, harmony, reality). There's also the opposing Path of Isfet, which is (lies, chaos, confusion, disorder, unreality))

I figured that Transforming things should be like-to-like - ie, if something's of a similar size/shape then it's easy to transform one to the other - but I'm not wedded to it.
Theme I'm going for is moderate to high fantasy.

But yeah, having trouble figuring out what the split should be between Lesser/Greater. If you could provide some ideas on good alternative splits, that would definitely help me out.
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