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Prince Charon
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Default Re: Five Earths, All in a Row


Her Flexibility and high DX seem to be gifts from the Force (though they are not affected by Meta-Psi, and thus lack the requisite limitation); on the other hand, she did have DX 11 before the first probe arrived.

Her knowledge of Erotic Art was purely theoretical at first (she reads far too much on the subject, often when she should have been doing her homework, and she retains the specialization), but now that she's gone from 'plain and chubby' to 'slender, hot, and exotic', she's begun to put it into practice - unfortunately, the first boy she practiced with turned out to be a complete jerk, and Walter categorically refuses to even consider a relationship with anyone less than two-thirds of his age, so she's getting a bit antsy. Geoff still hasn't got a chance, though (well, maybe if he improves his looks and/or social skills). Yes, having even a single point in this skill is surprising, but no, I do not want to derail the thread with a long discussion about how plausible it is.

Her skill with Body Language is something she grew up with, unrelated to her martial arts studies (or magic, for that matter), but she's finding it very useful there. Yes, her related quirk is stereotypical, but there are a number of real people who have it.

An important house-rule relating to lightsabres: because of the way lightsaberse are represented in Star Wars, the activation time is variable, with the minimum time being a fraction of a second. Turning a lightsabre on and off in combat is covered in the EU/Legends setting, under the name Tràkata.

Her style is a mix of modern Sabre sport-fencing (it was her PE credit freshman year, but then the school board fired the coach, because the PTA didn't want the kids playing with swords - despite the safety precautions that made it far less dangerous than football or cheerleading), the Force Swordsmanship style from GURPS Martial Arts p209 (as she played a character with that style the campaigne they were running at the time), and various speculative styles and ideas I found online, mostly in the GURPS forum (primarily taking from the suggested versions of Shii-Cho, Makashi, and Soresu).

Her lack of Style Adaptation perks is due to the style having been generated by her subconscious, and the collective unconscious, as a cohesive whole (nor is she the only one to whom the spirits have taught it, though she does not yet know that). She normally uses her lightsabre one-handed, but if she learns Power Blow, or another skill or technique emphasizing physical power over finesse, she'll likely need both hands on the hilt.

The Lightsabre Combat power from WEG is replaced by Parry Missile Weapons and Precognitive Parry. Active Thoughtform Creation and Path/Book Adept substitute for Trained by a Master/Weapon Master, as well as Danger Sense (for this purpose only), and Parry Missile Weapons is still a prerequisite for Precognitive Parry.

For critical failures, Leslie rolls on the Spirit-Oriented Magic Table (Thaumatology p260), though the GM should slant the results to have a 'Jedi-esque' flavor (or Sithly, if she's using the Dark Side at the time). Her style is Effect Shaping.

The penalties for Absorb/Dissipate Energy and Telekinesis are variable. Telekinesis is -1 per two levels of ST imitated (unfortunately for anyone who wants to imitate Yoda in ESB, the Super-Effort rules do not apply to Thoughtform Talent - though with the GM's permission, you could apply the enhancement to the skill penalty/energy cost), while Absorb/Dissipate Energy is -1 per point of damage absorbed and dissipated, per second. Life Detection's penalty of 0 only applies to detecting beings with psi powers (including Perk-level abilities, as well as Disadvantages and Quirks that are effectively 'psi abilities harmful to the user'); fully mundane life forms give a base penalty of -1.

Her holocron contains an interactive imprint of Jedi Master Aayla Secura as gatekeeper, and may contain others; for purposes of Improvement Through Study, she counts as studying one-on-one with a professional teacher of Lightsabre Fencing, and all non-Dark Side Force abilities. Both it and her lightsabre were props she bought at conventions (though the lightsabre was commissioned at the con' to her specifications, and delivered later), and deeply treasured for years, which have been spontaneously enchanted. The similarity of her lightsabre to other cutting tools that are or will be on the market allows it to be bought as Signiture Gear, rather than a Gadget with the Signature Gear Perk added, like her holocron.

Falling to the Dark Side can perhaps be best modeled by the Power Corrupts rules (Horror pp146-148), with taint occurring when the Force is used while allowing one's self to be controlled by one's emotions, particularly anger, hate, and fear, moreso if one is using a power that requires giving in to such emotions. Appropriate disadvantages one might gain from Dark Side corruption include Addiction (Murder, Dark Side Use, possibly others), Bad Temper, Berserk, Bloodlust, Bully, Callous, Delusions, Destiny, Frightens Animals, Greed, Jealousy, Megalomania, Obsession, Overconfidence, Sadism, Selfish, Stubbornness, and weakening or loss of positive mental disadvantages and quirks. Starting out with any of these disadvantages, of course, can easily lead the Force-user down a very Dark path.

"The more corrupt a government, the more it legislates."
-- Tacitus

Five Earths, All in a Row. Updated 6/03/2018: The Soldier, by tshiggins has been posted.
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