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Default Statting a GURPS magical house

Hey guys,

I posted on the GURPS reddit about this and I was advised that I should head over here. I'm running a GURPS campaign that mimics a holy grail war feom the Fate franchise. For those unfamiliar with it, the premise is mages summon famous historical figures to fight for them. Last one standing gets any wish they want granted.

One of my players is wanting to do Howl from the Studio Ghibli movie Howl's Castle as their historical figure (it's not perfect, but hey, let's roll with it). This player wants to have the castle. We talked about how to do it, and I think the best way we've decided on is by making the castle an ally and building it with points. That being said, I want to give her a racial twmplate for a house to start off with and let her build the castle from that. I'm thinking tons of Payload, extra STR, Doesn't Eat/Drink/Sleep/Speak, etc to make it more houselike.

Does anyone have a good idea for a house template? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stat this particular house (if you've seen the movie)? We're using 4th edition. The character has 1000 points, so the ally can be anywhere from 100-1500 points (we added a 10% category to allies given the large point valus we're working with).
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